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Real Testimonial 9/6/2018

Jodi S ★★★★★


Brad (the owner) has been awesome with helping me deal with hail damage
to my entire house. This included my roof, siding, deck and fence. He
helped me deal with my insurance company so I didn’t have to deal with the
hassle of what they would or would not cover. The work his company did
was amazing. He came to my house almost every day while the workers
were here, making sure the work was being done correctly. I highly
recommend Brad and First Builders of MN.

Real Testimonial 8/6/2108

Kathly S ★★★★★


We had First Builders work on our insurance claim. The end result was awesome. It was getting very difficult working with the Insurance Co. First Builders assisted us with the process and made it a lot easier, they kept us in the loop every step of the way. Their experience working with the Insurance Claims showed, Everything went according to there plans. We would highly recommend them.

Real Testimonial 1/23/2018

B L ★★★★★


Brad (owner of First Builder) I found professional and courteous. He kept me informed of the procedures that were necessary for the repair of a building that was damaged as a result of wind damage. He took time to explain to me the repair options, while ensuring all building codes would be followed. He worked closely with the city inspector, the suppliers of bldg. materials and his sub-contractors, so that when the project was finished it would adhere to all expectations, including mine. And my expectations were high! Brad also provided the project with an extra touch that professionalize the project. From my experience I would recommend giving First Builders Of Mn consideration when hiring a contractor